Saturday, 8 August 2015

Important Features of FPC’s Touch Sensors

FPC is the globally leading supplier & manufactures of best quality capacitive touch fingerprint sensors in mobile phones and tablets.Many mobile manufacturers leverage the benefits of fingerprint sensors and associate key services to the FPC’s sensors.

These touch sensors offer advanced fingerprint technology and has most important features are as follows:
Top Ten important Features of FPC’s Touch Sensors 
  1. Ultra-low power consumption
  2. Compact and easy to integrate
  3. Robust protective coating capable of more than 10 million finger placements
  4. Intelligent programmable wake-up functionality
  5. Outstanding system performance
  6. High sensitivity proprietary circuits, which is a combination of advance analog sensing and digital signal processing yields a highly stable and sensitive sensor
  7. FPC extensive portfolio has solutions that provide touch and biometric detection, with single- and multi- channels sensors, allowing slider and wheel solutions,
  8. Apply in movement detection and track pads.
  9. Their technology can also work on single layer ITO touch screens, miniature touchpad’s for remote controls and wearable devices.
  10. Touch screens in mobile devices are interface between users and devices that enable an easy interaction and visual experience.
FPC’s fingerprint sensors are next generation biometric solutions which can be embedded on smart device and eliminating the key button, eliminating PIN codes or passwords for fast user fingerprint identification.
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