Biometric Technology Solutions

A Biometric Technology Solution Helps to Human identity Verification read Physiological and Behavioral Traits such as fingerprints, finger and palm veins, iris and facial recognition, even one’s voice etc..

Why Biometrics?

Biometric Solution is A Next Generation model of popular security techniques- Provide a convenient and low-cost additional tier of high security.

Automated Method Of Recognization

Biometrics is automated methods of uniquely recognizing the identity of a living person based on physiological or behavioral factors.

Quality Biometric Products Components

We provide latest biometric product and services :Biometric finger print reader sensor, access control devices, RFID Device, CCTV products, time-attendance device and biometric tablets.

Biometric Authentication Mode

Types of Biometric authentication system mode, the first one are the enrolment process and the second one is authentication process.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Smallest Touch Fingerprint Sensors FPC1140 and FPC1145

Fingerprint Cards(FPC) Introduces its Smallest Touch Fingerprint Sensors FPC1140 and FPC1145

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) announced in a news that it has introduced two new touch fingerprint sensors, FPC1022 and FPC1035, FPC’s smallest touch fingerprint sensors to date that are designed to be integrated on the backside of the smartphone.
FPC1022 and FPC1035 offer the attributes that make FPC’s touch fingerprint sensors industry-leading, such as 3D image quality, low power consumption and FPC OneTouch® for ultra-fast and convenient user verification, for more information Visit at ..

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Biometric Fingerprint Technology Offer Higher Levels of Network Security

Biometric fingerprint refers to technologies that measure and analyze human physical. Biometrics (ancient Greek: bios ="life", metric ="measure") is the study of methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits.

In information technology, biometric authentication refers to technologies that measure and analyzes human physical and behavioural characteristics for authentication purposes. Examples of physical (or physiological or biometrc) characteristics include fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, facial patterns and hand measurements, while examples of mostly behavioral characteristics include signature, gait and typing patterns.

Fingerprint biometrics technique offers the high level of security and privacy, because security and privacy necessary in the world of digital transactions and interactions, today your signature services to identify you in the world of paper based if you used fingerprint as password never stolen or break by thefts because fingerprint is more uniquely in the world.

The most secure form of commonly used access control system authentication is accomplished using biometric sensors. Finger print readers, iris scanners, and retina scanners are common biometric-style sensors that use unique biometric identifiers to distinguish an individual. These types of sensors increase the sophistication and cost of the system, but provide an extremely high level of security.

Benefits Of Access Control System
  • Increased security - deter and detect fraudulent account access.
  • Convenience - no passwords to remember or reset.
  • Security - personal files, including emails, can be secured and online purchases safer when enabled by biometric.
  • Reduced costs - strongest way to detect and deter benefits fraud.
  • Increased trust - reduced entitlement abuse.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Is Biometric Time Attendance System Right for your Organization?

Biometrics technology can be used as a type of employee time management system. It’s One of the most prevalent biometric technologies is the fingerprint recognition system; by placing a finger on the scanner, the time clock terminal reads the fingerprint and allows the person to clock in or out. Biometric time and attendance system one of the newest and most interesting types of biometrics technology deals with recognizing the unique human finger or hand patterns. Now A day’s Biometric technology offers advanced verification for employees in every industry.Take a moment to learn about biometric technology, and whether biometric time attendance machine are the right fit for your organization’s employee verification needs.

Benefits of Biometric Time Attendance Access Control

It is very user friendly and easy to use; any person can use it very easily.
Biometric time-attendance automated system to use in many institutions and organization (College University) and Shopping complex.
Time-attendance system Reliable convenient, accurate and secure automated biometric device.
The Biggest advantage of Biometric Time Attendance over manual tracking is better security. Many shops and shopping mall use biometric time attendance for security purpose and it really works a lot.
With biometric time and attendance solutions employers cut down on time fraud and dutiful employees have hard evidence they deserve all that over time they’ve been putting in.
It has many advantages over conventional time tracking used at organizations. Typically such organizations maintain a register book, where people entry their name, time-in, time-out and other required details but the problem with this manual system is inaccuracy, time consuming, unreliable and most important is less secure.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

CCTV Video Surveillance System Provides Real-Time Tracking Solution ...

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner ,Wifi & RFID Device: CCTV Video Surveillance System Provides Real-Time ...: Cameras in Public Transport: The recent incident of molestation in bus at Moga (Punjab), again put stress on the need of having security...

CCTV Video Surveillance System Provides Real-Time Monitoring Public-Private Vehicles

Cameras in Public Transport:

The recent incident of molestation in bus at Moga (Punjab), again put stress on the need of having security in the public transport. Bus operators avoid such security measure as they believe these are one of incidents. Giving importance to each life/each human being is still a distant dream in our country. It’s not that having cams on board will completely stop such kind of crimes but they will certainly be the strong deterrent to keep offenders away.
Cameras in Public Transport

Currently technology is available but 3G bandwidth is an issue. However to have direct streaming to command center can be done by some tweaking. Ashtopus Technologies has developed a complete solution to Install Rugged Vandal proof Camera with good quality Video recording and streaming (over 3G/4G) with 2 way Audio feedback systems. You can also download the recording over the wife when Bus reaches your bus stand.