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A Biometric Technology Solution Helps to Human identity Verification read Physiological and Behavioral Traits such as fingerprints, finger and palm veins, iris and facial recognition, even one’s voice etc..

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Biometric Solution is A Next Generation model of popular security techniques- Provide a convenient and low-cost additional tier of high security.

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Biometrics is automated methods of uniquely recognizing the identity of a living person based on physiological or behavioral factors.

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We provide latest biometric product and services :Biometric finger print reader sensor, access control devices, RFID Device, CCTV products, time-attendance device and biometric tablets.

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Types of Biometric authentication system mode, the first one are the enrolment process and the second one is authentication process.

Monday, 31 August 2015

FPC’s Touch fingerprint Sensor features in QiKu Smartphone’s "Professional", "Flagship" and "Young"

QiKu, a Qihoo 360 smartphone brand, announced three Android smartphones, "Professional version", "Flagship version" and "Young version", all featuring FPC's touch fingerprint sensor FPC1025.

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons Technology Overview

The Internet of things Smartphones and the mobile Internet were growth catalysts for consumer activity.An emerging new generation proximity marketing technology that connects what we are seeing with where we are seeing it, directly and in real-time. It’s an intuitive, cost efficient option for adapting to new consumer expectations delivering the right content, at the right time.

What Are Beacons?

Beacon technology was made possible and practical by the invention of Bluetooth LE, a low-cost, low-energy, proximity-based network that allows Bluetooth- enabled devices to interact with other devices without draining the battery of either.
Beacon technology stand location based services have used to this point – in that it uses proximity mapping rather than satellites or cell tower triangulation to identify a user’s position. This means that it can work effectively indoors, and if multiple beacons are employed at once, can pinpoint a user’s location down to centimeters.

How Beacons Work?

  • A beacon is a small tinny device, low-powered piece of hardware emitting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to nearby smart phones and tablets
  • The beacon signal is a radio wave; it’s not limited by walls or doors
  • The BLE emission can awaken apps on Smartphone’s (and other beacon-ready devices) within 150 – 200 feet
  • This allows for location-based/proximity messaging – delivered via mobile payments, loyalty programs, coupons and content apps

General Use Beacon on Retail marketing

  • Merchants can deliver in-store coupons and manage loyalty programs
  • Initiate programs to help with inventory management
  • Malls/stores can use beacons to introduce products, brands and other departments Sporting & Concerts:
  • Promotion of team merchandise
  • Notifications about food/drinks/other vendors
  • Find-a-friend features
  • Specific content (behind-the- scenes footage from the band or practice/interview sessions with athletes) Content delivery:
  • Will be a big driver as entities develop their own branded entertainment
  • Beacons will be a unique way to push content in retail environments to build relationships with customers as they shop
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

FPC1155 Touch Sensors in ZUK latest brand Z1 smartphone

Chinese Smartphone Company officially announced in 11 August, 2015 launch new generation smartphone ZUK brand Z1 with FPC touch sensor feature FPC1155. Already received as well as expected revenues in 2015 that relate to sales of FPC1155 for this smartphone model are included in FPC’s communicated revenue guidance of approximately 2,200 MSEK for 2015.

Z1 Smartphone has following power-users features such as robots quality FPC’s fingerprint sensor, U-Touch button on home combining home, back, menu, app switching and multi-tasking into one single button and Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 64GB eMMC storage, 4100mAh battery and a USB 3.0 Type-C port.

FPC1155 Touch Sensors
FPC1155 offers excellent 3D pixel sensing technology that reads virtually any finger: dry or wet. With a robust surface coating, it is capable of more than 10 million finger placements and withstanding daily wear-and-tear.  FPC1155 touch sensors offers secure and convenient user verification, while Guided Enrolment software increases the accuracy of captured images for an improved user experience.
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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Important Features of FPC’s Touch Sensors

FPC is the globally leading supplier & manufactures of best quality capacitive touch fingerprint sensors in mobile phones and tablets.Many mobile manufacturers leverage the benefits of fingerprint sensors and associate key services to the FPC’s sensors.

These touch sensors offer advanced fingerprint technology and has most important features are as follows:
Top Ten important Features of FPC’s Touch Sensors 
  1. Ultra-low power consumption
  2. Compact and easy to integrate
  3. Robust protective coating capable of more than 10 million finger placements
  4. Intelligent programmable wake-up functionality
  5. Outstanding system performance
  6. High sensitivity proprietary circuits, which is a combination of advance analog sensing and digital signal processing yields a highly stable and sensitive sensor
  7. FPC extensive portfolio has solutions that provide touch and biometric detection, with single- and multi- channels sensors, allowing slider and wheel solutions,
  8. Apply in movement detection and track pads.
  9. Their technology can also work on single layer ITO touch screens, miniature touchpad’s for remote controls and wearable devices.
  10. Touch screens in mobile devices are interface between users and devices that enable an easy interaction and visual experience.
FPC’s fingerprint sensors are next generation biometric solutions which can be embedded on smart device and eliminating the key button, eliminating PIN codes or passwords for fast user fingerprint identification.
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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

FPC1025 Touch Fingerprint Sensor Integrated in Huawei New Mobile Maimang 4 Smartphone

Huawei’s Smartphone company launched new MaiMang 4 smartphone deployed with FPC'S touch sensor FPC1025 .After the great success in telecom market of Huawei Honor 7 Android Smartphone and Huawei Ascend mate 7 with  FPC1020 touch sensors, Huawei’s add touch fingerprint sensor features on new brand Android phone .

Huawei already received as well as expected revenues in 2015 that relate to sales of FPC1025 for this smartphone model are included in FPC’s communicated revenue guidance of approximately 2,200 MSEK for 2015.
Earlier this week, FPC announced that its FPC1150 touch fingerprint sensor features on China’s OnePlus latest Smartphone OnePlus 2.
News SOURCE Fingerprint Cards AB.